Philip DeStefano guitarist

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Guitarist Available
I'm a guitarist in Northern Virginia (west of 495). Through 35+ years of playing, I've grown some deep roots in the songwriter genre and branched out from there - folk-rock, jazz combos, reggae/funk jams. I can get around the neck with a variety of rhythms, inversions, arpeggios and scales. This has brought me to a fairly eclectic spot as a guitarist. You'll find several sound-files and videos on this site. They lean toward the mellow side, but I'm looking forward to playing with bass and drums to bring out the other textures in my playing.

I've also been playing fretless bass since 2014.

Know of an act that can use a guitarist? Contact me. One thing leads to another. Many thanks. ~ Philip


  • the mini-blog  
    01.01.17  There's a new blues jam (Fairfax,VA) Thursdays 7:30pm-11pm. French Quarter Brasserie.
    12.19.16  Still envisioning a band as we head toward 2017.
    12.02.16  Big week. Sunday jazz jam. Monday jazz jam. Tuesday took lesson. Thursday audition. Friday gave lesson.
    11.14.16  Jazz jam on fretless bass tonight. (oops, cancelled)
    10.30.16  Back at Cox Farm Fall Festival. This time 11am-2pm.
    10.22.16  Performing at Cox Farm Fall Festival (Centreville,VA) 2:30-5:30pm. Full band.
    10.16.16  Performed in Alexandria,VA last night. Benefit for a school in Senegal. Big fun.
    09.29.16  Start teaching Loudoun County's Adult Education Guitar. Tonight and the next four Thursdays.
    09.25.16  Jazz jams today and tomorrow. Fretless bass.
    09.10.16  Bethesda Jazz & Blues' OpenMic/Jam Night last Tuesday. On stage for one song. Great house band. Good show.
    09.01.16  I highly suggest you listen to Kate Schutt's tune "If Spring Comes Now".
    08.21.16  Two actual, bona fide, real-life, full-band gigs coming up in late October.
    08.11.16  I'll say this about starting or joining a band: "It's a lot like dating."