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Dec 10, 2018   I've decided to end this website in 2019. Thirty days from today I won't pay my bill and the host company will close this code down. Probably not a big loss. My guess is that it is very rarely (if ever) visited by anyone and it feels right to cut it loose. So... over the next 30 days, I'll attempt some blogging. Let's see what's worth mustering up. If anything.


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NY, IL, VA: I have lived in Illinois & Virginia since moving from Long Island, NY in 2001.  While on LI, I was half of the duo DeStefano & McLeod.  The duo recorded an independent CD and performed at book stores, cafes, Long Island festivals, NY City clubs, and on cable TV.  Kevin McLeod was my music partner for seven years.  When I left New York, I moved to Illinois and played solo in the Chicago area.  Among those gigs was a regular stop at Uncommon Ground Cafe in Chicago where I organized and hosted "Two by Four" (2 hours/4 performers).  Around that time I started recording my solo CD , which I finished in Virginia, and mastered back on Long Island.  In Virginia, I've played a heap of solo gigs, been the guitarist in a folk-rock band, subbed in jazz combos, sat-in at jams, and performed with the group Big Thanks.  My music continues to have a songwriter influence, but has been evolving toward improvisation and jazz.

These days, I live in South Riding,VA - learning, teaching, jamming, and searching.

~ mini-blog 2018
nov   With bassist Ron Skinner's band at a benefit for Mosaic Harmony, a multicultural community choir based in Northern VA.
oct   Performing with Big Thanks [sax,bass,drums,2gtrs] - Cox Farm Fall Festival.
sept   Performing with Big Thanks [sax,bass,drums,percussion,gtr] - Cox Farm Fall Festival.
jul   Solo Big Thanks gig: Cox Farms Smokin' Saturdays, Centreville,VA, 12pm.
apr   Acoustic trio version of Big Thanks: Cox Farms Smokin' Saturdays, Centreville,VA, 12pm.
jan   Duo show w/ bass at Vini Culture in Frederick,MD, 7pm.