Philip DeStefano guitarist

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~ REVIEWS ~  (from the "songwriter days" 1995-2006)
"Mellow-but-active guitar playing and just a hint of blues thrown in for good measure. The guitar work is never lazy, and when the single-string solos come in, you hardly notice they weren't there before. The CD Tension and Release is a fluid, well-recorded disc. Artists like DeStefano tend to either sound completely derivative, or in this case, they sound like ... themselves. That's a feat in itself. Much to his credit, DeStefano doesn't sound like he's imitating anyone."

Audio Gumshoe
"Philip DeStefano is a stand-out artist. When I first heard his music, I knew I had to feature him on my most recent episode. It absolutely precluded everything else I had on the playlist [Audio Gumshoe podcast #98. ]."
"DeStefano & McLeod's Coloring the Sky is a nice listening entry in the world music genre with its folk and jazz motifs.... Each song is innovative... This is a nice acoustic project fully realized. Entertaining."

Good Times Magazine
"Acoustic, gentle and jazz-influenced. A good deal of slow and tasteful guitar, and a number of well-written songs."

Songwriters Association of Washington
"The performance was so smooth, clever, detailed meticulously, fluid and brilliant... also casual, a bit whimsical, and not over-polished... couldn't have been better. That was a first-rate set."
"Outstanding musicality!"